Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Bad, Bad, Bad Idea

As reported in American Thinker:
May 08, 2010
$100 million mosque slated for site near Ground Zero

Ethel C. Fenig

"Because," as New York's mayor Michael Bloomberg warned last week, "we must not condemn one group for the actions of one distorted individual,"...or something like that

Two Muslim groups that say they want to promote better understanding of their religion and heal the wounds from Sept. 11 are drawing close to constructing a $100-million mosque and Islamic cultural center in the shadows of the World Trade Center site.

according to Bart Jones of Newsday.

Well, that should certainly add to the economy of New York by providing all those construction jobs. How nice. Now, just where will they get all this money? Placing the center close to the site of the late World Trade Center will not promote healing and as for promoting a "better understanding of their religion" it would certainly be a constant reminder of the evil its capable of.


I’ll say. The reports don’t disclose yet whether the funding is coming from Saudi Arabia, as 80% of funding of American mosques does.

But if it is being bulit with Saudi money, that would mean that, after 15 of the 19 Saudi Wahhabist hijackers succeeded in destroying the World Trade Center on 9/11, Saudi Arabia now gets to plop one of its Wahhabist mosques where all those victims died.

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