Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Really Quiet Leadership from the White House

If only Democrats and the press had been so tolerant of Bush-era antiterror policies back then as they are now, we’d be a lot further ahead in the war. The Patriot Act was routinely described during Bush’s term as a “domestic spying program,” and the most glaring example of Bush “shredding the Constitution.” And now that the good angels have taken over what do we see?


Obama Signs Patriot Act Extension: MSM and the Left Silent

by SusanAnne Hiller

President Obama signed the renewal of the Patriot Act in the quiet of a slow-news Saturday–the Act was set to expire Sunday, February 28–as reported by The Hill.

The reauthorization did NOT include any reforms to the current Patriot Act–an odd display of agreement and submission to Bush-era policy–even though the Democrats had the numbers to reform the Act. The continuance of the current Patriot Act signals that Democrats are fearful of further controversary in light of American’s distrust and poor approval ratings of the Democrat-controlled Congress. From the Hill:
The House approved the bill 315-97 on Thursday, a day after the extension passed the Senate. The provisions, including roving wiretaps, records access and tracking terror suspects not affiliated with any group, were set to expire on Sunday.

Democrats opposing the extension were unable to add desired civil-liberties protections.

The Patriot Act was first passed by Congress after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks as a defense mechanism against terrorists.
The House and the Senate, behind the scenes of the healthcare fervor, quietly passed this bill with little oppostion and outrage. Democrats could have modified the Patriot Act, but didn’t.
Apparently without Bush, the Patriot Act is no longer Orwellian as Michael Moore would have it and the
ACLU is now quietly voicing its differences. Even Obama criticized the Act’s compromise in 2006, but had no issue, as President, signing the identical Act he wanted reforms on. In 2006, Obama stated on the Senate floor:
So, I will be supporting the Patriot Act compromise. But I urge my colleagues to continue working on ways to improve the civil liberties protections in the Patriot Act after it is reauthorized.
The Democrats had the numbers to make changes, but another civil war would have ensued. In addition, it appears that when these controversial legislative pieces are passed by the Democrats, it makes it all better. No more outrage from the MSM and the far-left, because the rules of war and engagement are clearly different because, you know, the Democrats are in charge.


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