Friday, January 29, 2010

Granholm: ‘One Circus at a Time’

Citing nonexistent plans to use the State Fairgrounds for a “job-creating project,” a spokeswoman for Governor Jennifer Granholm says the unused site is off-limits to the Shrine Circus.
The event, which is the oldest Shrine circus in the nation, lost its home last year when the financially crippled state closed the fair.

Detroit Shriners asked Gov. Jennifer Granholm to allow them to continue using the fairgrounds for the circus, but a state spokeswoman said Thursday that it wasn’t possible.

Megan Brown said the state was looking for ways to use the site for a “job-creating project.” She declined to elaborate.

“During tough economic times government can’t be all things to all people,” she said.

Circus Director Chuck Baer said he couldn’t understand the governor’s thinking.("Shrine Circus denied Michigan State Fair site").

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Joie said...

Way to go Granholm....Once again proving your lack of good choices for our state. Do us a favor, when you are finished with your lame duck governess-ship....Get the hell out of Michigan!!!!! And stay out!!!!