Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Stands Athwart History Yelling Start!

Last week during his speech from the National Archives President Obama said his single most important responsibility was keeping the American people safe. That was politics and I don’t believe he sees his main mission is keeping Americans safe at all. National security isn’t where his heart is. And the evidence is strong it’s not where his supernaturally gifted brain is, either.

Where his heart is, what Barack Obama ran on, and what he promised he was going to do at his inauguration, was to remake America. This is what makes him so dangerous.

You don’t remake the object of your love. You may tinker with it, you may repair it, improve it, give it some medicine to restore its health, you may build an addition on it or give it a spanking or go on a second honeymoon with it. But you don’t remake something you love, because then it wouldn’t be that thing you love any more. (I know there are women who search out the perfect man and then try to remake him. That isn't love. It's per se pathology). You only remake things you think were made wrong to start with.

Obama sees his single most important job as president to take America Back to the Drawing Board, with himself as Draftsman in Chief. That's why he spent the first month of his administration globe-trotting around and publicly tossing America the First Rough Draft--1776 to October 2008 -- into the wastebasket.

Rush Limbaugh understands this about Obama, and explains it better than anyone out there. I guess that’s why it’s so important for the left to discredit Rush.

This transcript is from Rush's show on Thursday:

RUSH ARCHIVE: We have here an angry man with a chip on his shoulder, not some cool, calm, collected guy, but a cold, calculating, angry man who did hear what Jeremiah Wright said for 20 years while sitting in the pews of that church in Chicago. He did hear what Bill Ayers said about America. America's unjust, it was constituted as unjust, and that unjustness permeates to this day. So now it's time to change all that and we're going to change all that by desecrating the Constitution. Hence, Sonia Sotomayor.

RUSH: Now, I think in this bite you're gonna hear Obama let his guard down at this LA fundraiser. He's with buddies, he's off prompter, and you listen. It's just a short bite, it's 12 seconds.

OBAMA: This woman is brilliant. She is qualified. I want her confirmed. I want her walking up those marble steps and starting to provide some justice.

RUSH: I want her to start providing some justice. I want her walking up those marble steps and I want her to start providing some justice. Meaning, it ain't justice coming out of there now. I want her walking up those steps, and I want her to start providing some justice. Street talk. This is the talk of somebody angry. I want her march up those steps and start providing some justice. Justice as she defines it, based on what she said. She's better at justice 'cause she's Latina, better at justice than the white guy. Now, folks, in a sane world, she would not have risen to the nomination level because of that one statement. Now, obviously the left, they believe her. The left believes what she is saying. They don't care about that. They're worried that she doesn't have an abortion record. They're worried about getting sandbagged on that.

But just as Obama is going to return the nation's wealth to its, quote, unquote, rightful owners, we're going to have justice, we're going to have Sonia Sotomayor walking up those steps, she's gonna provide justice finally. We're going to not only return the nation's wealth to its rightful owners, we're going to get even with the people who stole it in the first place, and that's the justice we're going to have. That's why she was chosen. Sonia Sotomayor was chosen for the express purpose of reflecting his racial attitudes. Let's be honest. He coulda chosen a different Hispanic; he coulda chosen a different female. He chose Sonia Sotomayor because she is the mirror image of his racial attitudes. I want her walking up those steps and providing some justice! Could have been Al Sharpton saying that.

And it couldn't have been Colin Powell saying that.

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