Friday, April 17, 2009

Pirates Tied to al Qaeda

Somali Extremists Have al Qaeda Ties
Another failed state has become a training ground for terrorists.

The mortars fired at the plane carrying New Jersey Rep. Donald Payne out of Mogadishu Airport on Monday were a sharp reminder that although the recent focus on Somalia has been on piracy, the bigger threat comes from terrorists operating onshore. On land, radical jihadists now have one of the largest territories from which to operate since the Taliban hosted al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

The terrorist group that fired on Mr. Payne is al Shabab ("the Youths"), a one-time military wing of the Islamist Courts Union that ruled Somalia for six months before Ethiopia invaded and deposed them in December 2006. Designated as a terrorist organization by the State Department, al Shabab's aim is to create a Taliban-style Islamic state in Somalia. In pursuit of this goal it uses the most ruthless of methods: executions, beatings, torture and suicide bombing.

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Zardoz said...

Forget the "pirate" label that the media have given these muslims, they are not pirates, they are jihadists. The money they get from their terrorist operations at sea buys them all of the nice things that the West has to offer (SUVs, electronic toys, etc), but the rest of this money goes to islamic terror groups across North Africa. Not "pirates" - muslim terrorists.