Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cindy McCain for First Lady

I estimate I've thrown out more mail from George W. Bush, John McCain, and even Cindy McCain (who enclosed no autographed photo) than even offers of 0% interest credit-cards. Every time I think it's time to get serious and send the Maverick some money, he says or does something, or usually both, that stops me from wanting to show him my support.

No more. Today I didn't throw out McCain's request for money.

That said, I was one of those guys who was more than a bit cranky in November 2006 when so many conservatives and Republicans sat on their hands while the nation fell beneath the wheels of a Congress controlled by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. So much for sending messages.

Here’s how I see the whole thing: There’s going to be a war.

I say that not because I have dreams and visions, prophetic powers, nor because I know someone who's cousin knows someone in the Bilderberg group.

I say it because Iran is well into their Manhattan Project, Arabs hate Israel no less today than they did in 1948, Russia is back on the march, and, global Islam--well, you know what I think about global Islam.

Last but not least, the world’s dictators take very seriously the miles of American news commentary that—no matter who gets elected in November—the departure of George W. Bush means the USA will have once again reverted to classic isolationist mode so we can get the world to "like" us again.

And whenever the USA does this, the human race has to go through the whole “sleeping giant” exercise all over again--which always begins with lots and lots of other nations’ bodies piling up.

As a war president, McCain is the only choice. I don’t have to like him. (I don’t, in fact, dislike him. I dislike much of his domestic policies, and his recent disloyalty to President Bush.)

The truth of it is, eight years of liking George W. Bush has taken its toll on me. I, and the handful of other extant Bush supporters, have been forced to suffer, vicariously, every one of the vicious jabs against the most slandered president in modern times. Frankly, I’m looking forward to having someone in the White House whom I don’t hold in high personal regard.

I respect McCain as a warrior and a survivor. He’s on our side in the Iraq war, and if we get hit with another 9/11, his first call won’t be to the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

And I happen to one of those who believe that voting for a third-party candidate who has no chance of keeping Obama out of the White House is a vote for Obama. I forget now what the message was everybody was trying to send in 2006 by staying home. I only wish I could forget Reid and Pelosi.

I also believe that, if elected and facing a Democratic Congress, McCain soon will lose his habit of reaching across the aisle, as the Democrats will be biting his hand every time he tries. Another Republican presidential win will drive the Democrats in Congress into a white-hot frenzy. Democrat insanity has now degraded to the point where they can’t believe that they ever lose elections, but only have them stolen. Even if McCain wins 49 states, they’ll deny his legitimacy. Democrats have had had eight years to experiment with how personal attacks on a president as a liar, a crook, and a traitor are just as effective at galvanizing their political base as actually coming up with policies that work. You can't compromise with that.

Who knows? McCain may even learn to appreciate conservative Republicans once he’s in office a while.

In any event, the United States cannot prevail against the enemies we face with Barack Obama in the White House. Nothing matters more than winning the war we’re in. Because of that, I’m voting for John McCain.

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