Sunday, November 25, 2007

'Don't Go Out There, Will!'

From a “random comments” roundup in today’s Detroit Free Press:

Democrat Bill Richardson, saying the nation’s image abroad needs a makeover: “We have to find ways again where American diplomacy is not considered cowboy diplomacy, but is considered diplomacy where we’re not the policemen of the world, but the conscience of the world.”

So what should we call this made over, non-cowboy, conscience-of-the-world diplomacy?

Let's just call it what it is: Quaker-wife diplomacy.

And we know how that always turns out.


Anonymous said...

Why are weeny schmucks like Richardson so afraid ot American power? Ain't nobody listnening unless they have to....just what effete & dainty little community did he grow up in anyway?

Perhaps he'd prefer some other form of government? Well, he can just trot on south to his ancestral homeland for that, now can't he? Or take a one-way ticket to a land of peace, say Saudi Arabia...hell I'll even chip in a tupence or so to help him, if he promises to stay there.

darby shaw said...

A tuppence for the cause anyone? I'll throw one in myself that's two.
Thanks for the comment Zoyadog