Wednesday, May 23, 2007

John Conyers Gall Update

Today was the Monica Goodling installment of the Democratic witchhunt over the firings of the 8 US Attorneys. The New York Times report on her testimony quotes House Judiciary Committee chairman Representative John D. Conyers saying he “hoped other witnesses would come forward to help lawmakers determine whether Justice Department prosecutors had been ‘pawns in the game of politics.’” (“Ex-Gonzales Aide Testifies, ‘I Crossed the Line’” ).

Speaking of pawns in the game of politics, Rep. Conyers, and his wife, Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, have been themselves either pawns, or doing some political pawning themselves, regarding the left’s hobby-horse of impeaching the President.

As we noted here Saturday, (“Councilwoman Conyers Skips Vote on Her Own Impeachment Resolution”), the Detroit City Council’s ridiculous and utterly pointless resolution to impeach the President and Vice President, co-sponsored by Monica Conyers, was candidly explained by its lefty originators as a means to pressure John Conyers into getting back onto the impeachment track Nancy Pelosi derailed him from.

Democrats don’t seem as put off by inserting politics into, well, politics, when they are the ones doing the inserting. In this case, we are to accept as a legitimate political activity the co-opting of mechanisms of Detroit city government for the naked political object of pressuring a councilwoman’s powerful husband in Congress to work to impeach a Republican President and Vice President.

If there were anything even close to this sort of political incest in the US Attorney case, impeachment articles would already have been passed.

Why are Democrats immune?

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