Thursday, April 05, 2007

Prominent Law Firm Declines to Go Fishing with Conyers

Michigan’s impeachment-mad Congressman John Conyers could also stand to calm down. On Wednesday private law firm Deloitte & Touche declined being part of a $225,000 taxpayer-funded contract to help Conyers and his House Judiciary Committee fish for evidence of wrongdoing in the phony scandal over the firing of 8 US attorneys.

The Washington Times reports as follows:

“… one of the private law firms chosen by Mr. Conyers to help investigate the Bush administration said they have chosen not to take part in the probe.

"’The House Judiciary Committee did approach us. However, we declined this engagement,’ Jeffrey Zack, a spokesman for Deloitte & Touche, told The Washington Times.

“Mr. Zack declined to comment on why Deloitte & Touche chose not to lend out two employees specified in the contract.

“ The Washington Times first reported last week that Mr. Conyers agreed to pay up to $225,000 to bring in extra lawyers for his investigation of why the eight US. attorneys were fired.

“The contract, which was obtained by The Times, called for D.C. law firm Arnold & Porter to provide the extra attorneys, and to subcontract with Deloitte & Touche.”

As if there weren’t enough lawyers and trained investigators infesting Congress that Conyers has to actually go outside to find more.

The purpose of the extra bodies is to sift through thousands of pages of disclosed materials in hopes of finding evidence—or something that can be twisted into evidence-- of wrongdoing by the White House. So far, this witch hunt has proceeded without benefit of any justifying evidence. Apparently, the smaller the gnat you’re straining for, the bigger the strainer you need, hence the need to add lawyers to the government payroll.

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