Friday, March 16, 2007

There--I Said It

"Which is harder: to be executed, or to suffer that prolonged agony which consists of being trampled to death by geese ?"
--Soren Kierkegaard

Is anyone else out there as exhausted as I am by the continual slandering of the Bush administration by the media-Democratic axis?

Nor is it helpful that Republicans are jumping ship, as if they could make a separate peace with the bullies they helped hand the country over to.

The only thing that gets me more upset than to see Chuck Schumer high-horsing for the TV cameras is to hear some disappointed Republican complaining how the President’s lack of doctrinal purity or “competence” means they can turn their backs on him now.

I haven’t forgotten what you guys did for the cause last November when you stood back and let the Democrats take over because you wanted to send a “message.”

Here’s a message for you: when Schumer, Reid, and Pelosi carp about how “the American people” want us to surrender in Iraq, to hunt down Dick Cheney like a dog, to impeach the President, they're co-opting you too, because they know you’re the reason I get to see them on the news every night dragging the Republic down the toilet. It’s called paying the fiddler.

But don’t blame me. I’m sticking with the guy I helped put in office--twice. He ain’t perfect, but he’s got a hell of a lot more integrity--and loyalty--than Chuck Hagel, et al.

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