Saturday, January 13, 2007

It Must all Depend on Whose Theocracy Is Being Gored

Credit to Standfast at One Eternal Day for the following example of separation of church and state, Democratic style:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Theocracy looming

Is this sort of thing only OK when it's about Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama, or Harold Ford, or, in this case, Jennifer Granholm, the governor of Michigan? How would the press report the story if the religious service were celebrating the election of a conservative? Surely this is clear evidence of an impending theocracy:

GRAND RAPIDS -- In a rousing three-hour gospel service, 1,400 worshippers praised Gov. Jennifer Granholm as a leader anointed by God to lead the state into a new era of justice and prosperity.

At an inaugural prayer service, preachers compared her to the biblical heroine Esther, a Persian queen who saved her fellow Jews from slaughter.

Granholm may be God's instrument to help save the state from unemployment, poorly funded schools and other evils, ministers said in the packed service at Renaissance Church of God in Christ, 1001 33rd St. SE.

"Governor, I don't believe it was an accident. I believe it was the providence of God that you as a modern-day Esther were called to the throne at a time like this," said Bishop Nathaniel Wells II, head of the Church of God in Christ denomination in West Michigan.

The Rev. William Wyne, of Battle Creek, said she may even be a "modern-day Mary of Nazareth, who will give birth to a fresh vision, a fresh hope, a fresh renewal for all people in Michigan."

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Otter said...

These bastards would be freaking out if a Republican had done that. Hypocrits. I wish massive failure upon them... wait, no need. They are bringing it with them.